• ❤️ For Our Community ❤️

    Check out how Devon + Lang have contributed to COVID relief in 2020 and our commitment for 2021!
  • Devon + Lang 2020 Journey

    Join us as we reminisce on our 2020 Journey and join us as we prepare for the Hustle of 2021!
  • Calgary Underwear Company Devon + Lang to Donate $10,000 to the Leftovers Foundation from Profits of Face Mask Sales

    Food insecurity is on the rise amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and Devon + Lang, an apparel company, is eager to help. Today, Devon + Lang donated $10,000 to The Leftovers Foundation, a food rescue organization connecting service agencies with excess food to distribute to those in need.

  • Adesso Man | Good Vibes and Impacting Lives

    Devon + Lang is proud to have partnered with Adesso Man to bring you the Good Vibes Only line. Together we’ve designed a pair of Journey boxers and a 3-layer face mask. The Good Vibes Only line boasts same great quality that you have come to expect from Devon + Lang, with super sleek and flashy lime green trim that oozes confidence. The best part? Not only are you getting a unique design of our comfortable and breathable boxers and masks, but you are also helping to bring the good vibes to our community. 10% of all profits from the Good Vibes Only line go to the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth.
  • The Leftovers Foundation | Where Everyone Loves Leftovers

    The Leftovers Foundation: What Makes Them Great.

    The Leftovers Foundation is an organization based in Western Canada, with operations in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, that focuses on reducing food waste within their communities. The goal for the foundation is to ensure edible food is kept out of the landfill and instead is redirected into the hands of people who need it most. In 2019 alone they managed to save over 311,000 pounds of food.

  • Nation’s Vision: Making Eye Care Accessible For All

    When Dr. Emeka Nzekwu attended medical school he was quickly introduced to healthcare inequities in the Canadian healthcare system disparaging many members in our local communities, including low-income groups, the socially displaced, physically disabled, First Nations, low-income groups and senior citizens, amongst others.
  • Heroes on the Frontlines

    When we say "Superhero" what might come to mind is a courageous masked character in a outfit designed to best fight their opponents. Superheros have a great sense of responsibility. They want to help the world become a better place and are dedicated to protecting the public. The movies we watch portray Superheroes as having extraordinary abilities and powers - they fly, have superhuman strength, transform, and therefore, are not real. However, we'd like to introduce you to a few superheroes who are real, and share their stories.
  • Underwear Company Devon + Lang Raises $15,000 for Calgary Covid Relief Selling Face Masks

    Today, Devon + Lang, an apparel company specializing in innovative boxer briefs, donated $15,000 to United Way of Calgary and Area to support those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation comes because of Devon + Lang’s face mask fundraising initiative.
  • Local Laundry | #CommunityOverCovid

    Everywhere we turn we are being told to “isolate”, “social distance”, and “quarantine”… all terms that encourage us to be “apart”.  All the while, companies like Local Laundry are reminding us that we are all in this together.
  • MR. NICE SOCKS | The warm & fuzzy side

    I think we can all agree that slipping on a fresh new pair of socks is a top 5 feeling. Now imagine knowing that those stylish new socks you’ve just purchased means that 2 more pairs of socks will be donated to people in need. Now that is what we call spreading the love!