D+L Socks?!
You and your feet go through a lot. 

Whether you are walking around the neighbourhood or going on a 6-hour hike, your feet deserve the best. Devon + Lang has been working on our Step-Up Tab Socks for over a year and we are so thrilled to finally get them on your feet!

Step-Up Tab Socks: Black

The Design

While designing this sock, we wanted to create a product that focused on everyday issues that sock wearers deal with:

  1. Shoe causing chafing + blistering.
  2. Wear + tear on the heel + balls of the feet.
  3. Odour. 
Step-Up Tab Socks: White


A Sock Story:

Story One:

You are walking around like everything is fine… But deep down in your shoe, your sock is slipping off… So… NO, everything is not fine. 

This is probably one of the most annoying things ever! Especially when you are out enjoying a hike and you have to stop what you are doing to take off your entire boot just to pull up your sock. This gets to you, deep down in your sole (heh heh, sock pun). 

The D+L Step Up Tab sock is designed with an anti-slip ankle tab to prevent this exact scenario while protecting your heels from blisters and chafing. 

Story Two:

You come home after a couple of hours of intense badminton and you cannot wait to take off your shoes + put your feet up. Once you do, you realize that the heel and balls of your feet are entirely torn up because you are a bada** badminton player, but your socks just can’t keep up.

Step-Up Tab Socks: White


The bottom of your feet work hardest through your daily activities. To show some extra love, we added padding specifically to cushion the heel and balls of your feet. Now you’re walking on tiny pillows.

Story Three:

You are at dinner with that special someone, and afterwards, you invite them over. Little do they know, you were sweating in your shoes the entire evening because of your nerves. Now you are home, you take off your shoes… and you are greeted with an unpleasant odor. Your date smiles and says they have to go. Now you are alone with your smelly socks. 

Let’s be honest, feet are kind of weird and smelly. D+L’s Step-Up Tab Socks are a foot’s best friend because every pair is infused with a silver-ion solution that will help keep your feet fresh for any sock-only situations.   



For all of life’s scenarios, D+L’s Step-Up Tab Socks are here for you and your adventures. Your feet are so important, so show them some love with socks that hug like a friend.