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Meet Devon + Lang


Tyler and Dayna

Devon + Lang was founded by Tyler and Dayna McCombs in 2019 in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Tired of constantly buying "premium" boxers that did not provide the support or comfort that Tyler was looking for, he and Dayna set out to create some truly life-changing underwear.

They had a goal to create underwear that was built to support you all day, didn't chafe or ride up as you went through your day, used the newest technologies, and built with environmentally sustainable fabrics.

After working for over a year with world class apparel designers and garment manufacturers the first Devon + Lang men's boxers (under the original brand name of OKE Apparel) arrived August 2019.

We Make

Life Changing Underwear

From your first pair of D+L underwear, your life and daily comfort, will change forever! And it doesn’t end there...

With every purchase made we donate underwear to organizations who support those in vulnerable communities across Canada. We have set a goal to donate over 500,000 pairs of underwear in the next 10 years.

We believe that new, clean underwear is a basic human necessity. The simple gift of clean underwear provides an opportunity for self-care, health, and well-being.

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Our Giving Partners

Reducing Our Impact On

The Environment

How can we change the lives of future generations?

By making our products out of sustainable materials.

Nearly all of our products are made out of modal, which is a top rated eco-friendly fabric. Modal feels amazing to wear, and also uses 20x less water than cotton to make the same amount of fabric.

Plus, we design our garments to last longer than your other pairs. Saving you money, and Mother Nature too.

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Meet The Team


Tyler McCombs

Founder + CEO


Dayna McCombs

Graphic Designer

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Katrina Francia

Wearhouse Manager


Emily Ferguson

Marketing + E-Commerce + Admin


Rachel Estabrooks

Operations Specialist

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Chief Door Greeter

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