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We Make

Life Changing Underwear

From your first pair of D+L underwear, your life and daily comfort, will change forever! And it doesn’t end there...

With every purchase made we donate underwear to organizations who support those in vulnerable communities across Canada. We have set a goal to donate over 500,000 pairs of underwear in the next 10 years.

We believe that new, clean underwear is a basic human necessity. The simple gift of clean underwear provides an opportunity for self-care, health, and well-being.

Our Giving Partners

We Prioritize 

Giving Back

Since Devon + Lang’s inception, finding ways to give back to our community has been a core value for us. During the 2020 pandemic, Devon + Lang raised and donated over $35,000 to United Way Calgary, and The Leftovers Foundation.

We raised funds from the sales of our Good Vibes Only men’s boxer briefs to donate to the Calgary Bridge and Youth Foundation, and have partnered with Fresh Routes to donate sales from our Breakfast Boxers to their foundation.

With our new initiative, we have partnered with The Mustard Seed, YFC Calgary, and other local charities across Canada to donate new undergarments to those in need in our communities.

Reducing Our Impact On

The Environment

How can we change the lives of future generations?

By making our products out of sustainable materials.

Nearly all of our products are made out of modal, which is a top rated eco-friendly fabric. Modal feels amazing to wear, and also uses 20x less water than cotton to make the same amount of fabric.

Plus, we design our garments to last longer than your other pairs. Saving you money, and Mother Nature too.

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