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Artist Collection

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Devon + Lang partners with local artists to showcase their work in a truly intimate fashion.

Explore our series of patterns designed by artists across Canada + learn all about their work below.

Puglie by Euge Leung

Spring 2024

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Puglie’s a little pug with big dreams! He's full of whimsy, charm, and poots, always ready for the adventures the world has to offer, and the friends he has yet to meet!

In reality, Puglie is Euge's imaginary pug, as he's never owned a pug in his life! Together, their goal is to give you moments of joy that you'll hold dear! Joy that will get you through the toughest times - one day at a time!

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Femme Fatale by Ashley Devereux

Spring 2024

Femme Fatale Collection by Devon + Lang

Ashley Devereux is a Canadian visual artist who lives and works in Toronto. The “Fat Bottom Girls” art series explores variations on the classical female form, in a celebration of shape and colour. This series is about the positive side of body image, what it means to take pride in the uniqueness of one’s own figure, in all its vibrancy, movement, and beauty.

You can find more of her artwork on Instagram – and purchase original paintings on her website!

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Melting Smilies by WKNDRS

Summer 2023


WKNDRS is created and cultivated by Rachel Rivera and Claire Ouchi as a way to fuel their passion for art, design, and spreading positive vibes to the world. Their work includes themes of unorthodox, light and playful aesthetics where colour plays an effervescent role.

They look to question and push the boundaries of where art can be created and seen, everything is a canvas. WKNDRS strive to connect with their community through artistic endeavours and make art and design accessible to all.

Bring joy and fun to the world with the Melting Smilies print! We introduce WKNDRS x Devon + Lang — our latest Happy Happy print! It's all about the good times. :)


Cowboy Ducks by Slightly Toasted Bagel

Summer 2023

cowboy ducks.webp__PID:1fdaade9-c6fb-4df8-a603-232b2c6907ee

Slightly Toasted Bagel has spent most of her non-diaper wearing life in Calgary, Alberta. She is the designer of the Devon + Lang Cowboy Ducks pattern.

She is influenced by the day-to-day, the ordinary, and the desire to stop and appreciate the simple little things. Her work can be recognized by bright colours and friendly, soft lines.


Dazy by Trippy Hippy



Victoria Pattersnon, Canadian born-and-bred fashion designer, working under the name Trippy Hippy is the creator of the Devon + Lang Dazy pattern.

Victoria's love of music, culture, and self-expression guide her designs, and she is heavily influenced by youth culture, and the notion of inward reflection and self-discovery.


Cold by It's XYZ



Rhys Douglas Farrell is an emerging artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. He is the designer of the Devon + Lang pattern "Cold", based off of a mural he did in the city.

His work is a combination of beautiful colours, complex patterns, and geometric shapes. His larger public works can be found in several countries around the world, including Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Malaysia, Sicily and Spain.


Want to collaborate?

We love working with local and established artists to showcase their work in the most unique way we can. If you are interested in having your art featured on our underwear fill out the form below.

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