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D+L Loves Mother Earth!

Devon + Lang apparel strives to craft durable + long-lasting garments that can keep up with any lifestyle. As a company, we looked at keeping our garments in your closets...

Devon + Lang apparel strives to craft durable + long-lasting garments that can keep up with any lifestyle. As a company, we looked at keeping our garments in your closets longer, therefore, out of our landfills. We intentionally design our collections to be stylish, durable, + comfortable, keeping the environmental impact at the forefront of our minds on all levels. 


Journey Boxer: Tropics
Photo: @jl.maclane

Devon + Lang recognizes the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet as an apparel company. We have made it a priority to address this issue and find alternatives to reduce our textile waste.

One Less Carbon Footprint at a Time

Devon + Lang is finding ways to be more efficient while reducing the amount of waste we create. The materials, packaging + styles of our apparel are three areas where we can find ways to be more eco-friendly.




All Devon + Lang Face Masks and Journey Boxers are made with modal, a beechwood fabric that uses 20x less water in processing than cotton. In addition to reducing the amount of water modal uses, it is also a softer, stretchier + more durable fabric. Devon + Lang maximized the utility of this fabric by incorporating intelligent designs that will not leave you hanging.


Packaging is another significant contributor to the amount of waste found in our environment. Early this year (2021), Devon + Lang moved away from plastic poly mailers to our new redesigned 100% biodegradable mailers. This change is our first step to more eco-friendly packaging.



We are currently replacing our cardboard box packaging, transitioning to lighter and more malleable mailers (envelopes and bags). By redesigning our packaging to be more flexible + agile, we can streamline shipping out your products! The smaller packaging will cut down on the space + weight of each package, which reduces the impact on travel, allowing more products to be shipped simultaneously.


Lastly, Devon + Lang strives to provide our customers with a foundation of basic garments that become a staple in their wardrobe that lasts. In researching and developing our new patterns + colours, we enlist the help of our local partners and loyal customers in our discovery phase. By intentionally selecting these vetted and timeless designs + colours, Devon + Lang provides a basics collection that can fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.



Looking Forward

Devon + Lang has more we can do to become more sustainable in every area of our company. As we continue to grow, it is important to us to find processes that will reduce our carbon footprint + waste. In addition to our new packaging, sourcing recycled and more sustainable materials are high on our list of priorities. Our next step in reducing our carbon footprint is sourcing 100% recycled polyester for our future Hustle + Journey boxers. 


Do Your Part - YYC Business Shoutout!

Devon + Lang is so proud to be working with DYP (Do Your Part) Refillery in Calgary, Alberta. DYP is a refillery + Minimal waste shop. They aim to find ways for Calgarians to reduce their packaging waste + offer more green + sustainable products. Customers can find various minimal waste products, from household to bath + body, travel, daily-used + homemade! With over 85 refillable products, customers can bring their own bottles or purchase reusable containers to refill various daily products. DYP makes transitioning to a more sustainable + minimalist lifestyle easier for all Calgarians!



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