Masks after COVID

Is it time to hang up all our masks?

As we are returning back to life before COVID-19, does that mean we should ditch our masks completely? We think that there is still a space in the world for masks. Let's explore some ways to use our face masks and keep them from filling up our landfills!

3-Layer Reusable Mask: Cobalt 


What are some ways to continue using our masks?

  1. Protect others when you are sick: Did you know mask wearing is a common practice in Asia? When an individual is sick with a common cold or has a sore throat, they wear a face mask to protect others while they are doing their daily activities. 
  2. Allergies: Masks can be a great solution to help with seasonal allergies by blocking the pollens and other tiny particles that can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Warmth: I don’t know about you, but wearing face masks during a winter hike or while skiing has been very welcomed. Not only was it a protective barrier from COVID-19 while on the slopes, and it keeps your face warm while you move around.
  4. Pollution: Add an extra layer of protection when the air quality index is high due to air pollution or forest fires.
  5. Social barrier: Let’s be honest, socializing can be really hard sometimes. Some studies showed that wearing face masks has deterred people from making small talk. Masks have also brought people with social anxiety some comfort as it provided them a level of privacy. They expressed that masks allowed for neutrality, which afforded them to keep their expressions to themselves.   
  6. Protection in crowded areas: Protect yourself from respiratory infections - like the flu or common cold - when you go to crowded areas. 
  7. Travel: If you plan to travel, mask wearing might not be a bad idea since COVID is still an issue in many countries around the world. In addition, wearing masks on airplanes or other transit systems, will help protect yourself and others from respiratory illnesses. 
  8. Dust particles: Many of our customers have informed us that our masks are great for working around the home! They wear the masks as an extra layer of protection when they are doing home renovations or while cutting the grass. 

3-Layer Reusable Mask w/ Removable Nose Wire: Forest Green


For more information about wearing masks after the pandemic check out this article here and here.

We got you.

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether or not to wear a face mask. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change, Devon + Lang will continue to have face masks and PM2.5 filters available for you. 

3-Layer Reusable Mask w/ Removable Nose Wire: Multi-Pack