Back to the Hustle

As we transition back into the Hustle and Bustle of work and school, it can be a little uncomfortable since many of us have been working at home for such a long time. Do not worry! Devon + Lang has got your back (or at least your backside) with our Hustle Boxers!

The Design

The Hustle Boxer was made with movement in mind. These athletic poly-spandex boxers have it all and more! You will feel supported wherever you go as these performance boxers are here to support your goods in all situations! 

Hustle Boxer: Koi

With a poly-spandex that wicks sweat, semi-compression fit and patented crossover poach, you better believe that these boxers will spot you throughout your busy life. With anti-chafing inner thigh panel that is durable and flexible, these 6" inseam boxers will not budge making them the perfect partner for all your activities.


Hustle Boxer: Jade

The flatlock stitching and fitted bottom seam is designed for movement, comfort and style. No more adjusting, rubbing, and the always subtle leg shake! Last but not least, our patent pending crossover front pocket design and fitted bottom seam, ensures that your goods feel secure. 


Hustle Boxer: Steel

With our Hustle Boxers, you do not have to worry about going to work in just your underwear! These stylish boxers will get you through the Hustle and support you in ways your good friends cannot!


Here is what others have said about our Hustle!

Hustle Boxer: Classic Pack

"Life changing! Absolutely incredible product. I am a big guy with thick thighs and these boxers fit amazingly. I wear them to work and the gym and they are so comfortable! I used to feel squished and uncomfortable in my other boxers and these have saved the day. Very well made! Would recommend it to anyone." - Mitchell

"If you're on the move, want the comfort of a king and the feeling of pure luxury on your nuts........... you'd be nuts not to order a week's worth. Excellent product. My balls thank you Devan + Lang Apparel :-)" - L.G.

"Wow! I'm no underwear expert, but I know what feels good. Did lots of hiking on holidays in Oregon this summer and I could tell the difference when wearing the Devon + Lang Boxer Briefs. They get my 5-star rating!" - Ron