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Devon + Lang's Commitment to Our Community

Check out how Devon + Lang have contributed to COVID relief in 2020 and our commitment for 2021!

The pandemic has affected our community in so many ways, from loss of jobs to mental and physical health (Quarantine 15 was a real thing!). In 2020, your purchase of a Devon + Lang Facemask helped raise $25,000 and allowed us to donate 1750 reusable masks to local organizations that support our community with covid relief. For more details on how your purchases had impacted our community check our 2020 Journey here.

In 2021, Devon + Lang will continue our commitment to supporting our community through many different channels. From donations to local collaborations, we want to support our community as we navigate through these uncertain times. We believe that by being socially conscious of what our community needs will allow us to give back in the most impactful way.  


Photo: @yycbridge 

Local Business Collaboration

Devon + Lang is excited to continue working with many local businesses! Check out some of these amazing local businesses that we have been working with:

Adesso Man
Bro'Kin Yolk
DYP Refillery
Little Modern Market
Pharm Pharmacy
The Colourist
Bro Box Collaboration


    Video: Devon + Lang YouTube


    Start 20201 with Some GoodVibes

    Devon + Lang would like to reintroduce our awesome GoodVibes collaboration with Adesso Man. 10% of all profits from this collection will be donated to the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth (CBFY); a charitable not for profit organization that welcomes an inclusive environment for immigrant and refugee youth and their families as they build a life in Canada.


    “The most important thing for us has been to help build confidence and empower our community and it starts at the foundational level with our youth. We are happy to be supporting such an amazing organization (CBFY) that is helping build a better future for immigrant and refugee children in Calgary.”

    Abdul, Founder + CEO of Adesso Man

    The GoodVibes campaign integrates Adesso's 4 Pillars of Confidence by providing financial, educational and mental and physical health support to local organizations.

    Due to the pandemic, CBFY had to move many of their youth programs online. The GoodVibes campaign will provide the CBFY team the financial support to continue their services that provide social, emotional and academic support for their immigrant + refugee participants.


    Photo: @jl.mclane

     For more information about the GoodVibes campaign check out our blog post HERE. 


    2021 Devon + Lang Sneak Peak

    Artist Collaborations

    As we look forward to 2021, Devon + Lang is committed to creating more collaborations within our community. One of collaborations we are working on is a local artist collab, where we will feature an artist’s work on one of our products. This will be a great way to showcase some local artists and promote amazing Canadian artwork.





    Be More Green

    To show our love to mother earth, Devon + Lang is committing to become more eco-friendly with our packaging and product manufacturing. We are currently in the process of swapping out all our mailers to compostable mailers and reducing the amount of materials used in our packaging. We are excited to start using  more environmentally friendly packaging for 2021! The less waste we can make as a business the less waste there will be in our community landfills.

    It's Coming! 

    We can barely hold it in anymore! Devon + Lang is in production of a new women's line of fantastic undergarments; a panty and bralette! These products are long over due and we cannot wait to get these in your hands. When developing this line, our main focus is to create comfortable products that you would love to wear. 


    Photo: @devankarl

    We plan to launch these products later this year but had to share this exciting news! To ensure that we are making the best products for our consumers we want to invite you to fill out a quick survey: HERE. At the end of this survey you will be treated to a discount code! 

    Thank You!

    The support and love that we felt in 2020 was overwhelming! We want to share the love that we received by encouraging our customers to continue to shop local and support local businesses in anyway possible; click HERE on how you can support your local community. As we continue our JOURNEY as a local business we hope that you will join our HUSTLE into the next leg of this crazy adventure!



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