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FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80 CAD / $60 USD
FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80 CAD / $60 USD
FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80 CAD / $60 USD

One Size, Fits None

Faces are all difference shapes and sizes, don't settle for a 'one size fits all' mask. 

Masks that Gives Back

Cloth? Disposable? NIOSH? KN95? 

Who knew there were so many kinds of masks! Let’s face it, face masks have become an unintentional fashion accessory of 2020 and 2021. As we all go on our face mask buying journey, it can get overwhelming because of all the different choices out there. You might be asking yourself:

  1. Which mask will provide the best protection?
  2. Are there face masks that are protective and comfortable?
  3. Why are there so many different kinds of masks?
  4. Why isn’t there a face mask that fits my style and personality?
  5. When I wear this face mask, will people think I'm a professional ninja?
Okay… you probably are not asking that last question (it’s just me)! Regardless of how silly the questions may seem, they are all important. With COVID still very present in our lives, we ought to come together as a community and adapt to the situation around us to keep others safe and healthy.  We can all help reduce the spread of COVID, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), by wearing face masks anytime you are in public. It is not just wearing a mask that will help keep you safe, but finding the mask that fits your face best. According to the CDC, to better protect yourself and others, it is essential to wear a mask that is the right fit. When a mask is a right fit, there should not be any gaps or air flowing from the area around the eyes or sides of the mask. The CDC recommends a variety of techniques that can help improve the fit of your mask:
  1. Nose wire
  2. Mask fitters or bracers
  3. Knotting and tucking 
@DevonKarl Photo: @devankarl
For more information about how to prevent the spread of COVID, you can get more information here.

Fit for All?

When shopping for a face mask, it can be very tricky to find the right fit. Sure, you can always go for the one size fits all face masks or the disposable ones. However, those masks tend to leave many of us frustrated; the mask moves around while you talk or does not stay above the nose. With your mask shifting and sliding all the time, the chances of you touching the masks are higher, which is not ideal.

Devon + Lang is always trying to improve their products and takes the WHO and CDC recommendations very seriously. Our mask designs have been praised by many consumers as the most comfortable and breathable masks on the market! Not only are they comfortable, but our masks are designed to mould the face of their wearer.


Product: 3-Layer Reusable Mask- Cobalt Teal (Front) + Opal Blue (Back)

Our Design

Every style of Devon + Lang reusable face masks were made with all-day wear in mind. We chose high-quality fabrics that are lightweight + durable. The outer modal layer is moisture-wicking + the inner layer is a moisture-absorbing gauze. The whole face covering is lined with anti-odorizing silver-ions. Every stitch on each mask intentionally creates a more durable mask by securing each fabric panel together + giving enough flexibility to the masks to custom fit to the wearer's face. These 3-layer non-medical masks provide safe mouth and nose coverage + are available in three sizes to ensure the best fit for both children + adults. As we received more feedback on our masks, Devon + Lang was able to update our mask designs to fit our customer’s lifestyles.


Mask Evolution

MASK 1.0

Our initial mask design was created to support the high demands for reusable face masks at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Devon + Lang wanted to create a product that consumers can wear while they are navigating through this “new normal.” In addition, Devon + Lang recognized that wearing masks is not the most comfortable accessory; therefore, we thrived on creating a product that is comfortable + long-lasting.



Products: 3-Layer Reusable Face Mask - Obsidian Black + Cobalt Teal XL Reusable Face Mask - Obsidian Black Kids Face Mask- Obsidian Black, Opal Blue + Heather Grey


MASK 2.0

Our second design introduces a nose wire pocket that fits a metal wire. By including this addition, this mask was able to fit more securely around the wearer's nose bridge. This design allows consumers to take out their wire prior to washing their masks, which increases the longevity of the products. The nose-wires will need to be replaced depending on how often the wearer bends and flexes it.   



Products: 3-Layer Reusable Face Mask w/ Removable Nose Wire - Obsidian Black, Heather Grey, Opal Blue, Amethyst Purple, GoodVibes + Forest GreenNose Wires 

MASK 3.0

Our third design was a collaboration with our past customers. We heard you loud and clear! The request for a mask that included a nose-wire and adjustable straps was highly sought after, and we were thrilled to create this version of our top-selling face mask. This mask is our most adaptable mask to fit all face shapes and sizes. 



Products: Adjustable Ear Loop 3-Layer Reusable Face Mask w/ Removable Nose Wire - Obsidian Black Nose Wires 

Photo: @devankarl

How Do I Find the Right Fit?

When it comes to taking proper measurements here is what we recommend doing:

Take a rule or tape measure, and start at the middle of your upper lip and measure to just before your ear canal on your right or left ear. Doubling this number will give you the approximate length you are looking for. For measuring the height, we recommend measuring from the bridge on your nose to just under you chin. 


It was important for Devon + Lang to provide a variety of sizes to our customers. When we started this mask making journey, we only had 2 sizes; adult medium and large. As more feedback was provided to us, the more we realize the importance of creating more sizes. 

 * Female Model: Wears a kids or adult small mask
* Male Model: Wears a medium adult mask 



Devon + Lang is committed to staying up to date with the latest research about mask recommendations. As of February 11, 2021 (latest update), the Canadian Government suggestions including a non-woven polypropylene fabric layer to your cloth masks. The filters that are included in all Devon + Lang Masks are PM 2.5 Carbon filter. These filters can be used between 16 to 24 hours, as recommended by many experts. 


For more information about PM 2.5 Carbon filters you can check out this article here

Product: Additional Filters

Handle With Care

To maintain the Devon + Lang face mask here are some steps to take to maximize the mask’s longevity. 

  1. Take out your PM 2.5 Carbon Filter and set it aside; we suggest putting it in a resealable container (reuse the Devon + Lang mask packaging).
  2. If you have an adjustable metal wire for your mask, take it out and set it aside.
  3. Wash your mask in warm water. 
  4. Hang dry your mask.
Photo: @Jl.mclane
Product: 3-Layer Reusable Face Mask w/ Removable Nose Wire - Opal Blue

Masks that Gives Back

With COVID-19 challenging our community like never before, Devon + Lang is committed to supporting our local community. When we first launched our Face Masks, the idea of donating a portion of the sales to a local charity was a priority. When choosing an organization to partner with, Devon + Lang explored many opinions but decided that COVID relief within the community was most pressing. At the beginning of April 2020, Devon + Lang partnered with United Way Calgary and Area to raise $15,000 for the Covid 19 Community Response Fund. With every Devon + Lang face mask sold, 20% of the sale was donated to this initiative. By the beginning of October 2020, Devon + Lang proudly donated $15,000 to United Way Calgary and Area. For more information about our community initiatives, you can visit here. 

As we continue on our journey in this “new normal,” Devon + Lang will continue to support our community by providing local organizations with covid relief. As we enter into 2021, Devon + Lang will be committed to donating at least 5% of every mask purchase to an organization that is supporting the community with covid relief. Devon + Lang is proud to be collecting up to $10,000 for these local organizations that are working hard to support our most vulnerable populations.

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