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FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80 CAD / $60 USD
FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $80 CAD / $60 USD

Devon + Lang: Who We Are and How We Started

The Story Behind Devon + Lang Imagine yourself walking along the beach in the glorious Hawaii heat. As you walk, the more uncomfortable you become… Not because of the sand in...

The Story Behind Devon + Lang

Imagine yourself walking along the beach in the glorious Hawaii heat. As you walk, the more uncomfortable you become… Not because of the sand in between your toes, but because your boxer briefs are riding up, causing chafing. This exact scenario drove Tyler McCombs, founder of Devon + Lang, to create an innovative and comfortable boxer. This passion project sparked a journey of discovery and invention, moving beyond men’s boxers and into basic apparel under the Devon + Lang name. As we venture into the future, Devon + Lang is committed to pushing the boundaries of basic garments by creating innovative, sustainable + comfortable apparel.

Tyler and Dayna McCombs

A Little About The Founder

Tyler Mccombs worked at Apple for over ten years, where he developed a passion for technology + gained an appreciation for small details. From the joy of unboxing a new product, the quality of every element, the excellent customer service, + the intuitive user experience, Tyler's vision and structure for Devon + Lang has been modelled from the best.

By applying the skills and knowledge gained from Apple, Tyler looked into creating a boxer brief that is superior in both design and craftsmanship. He worked with professional engineers + fashion designers for nearly a year before the first Hustle Boxer was created.

 Hustle Boxer: Steel

As Devon + Lang continues to grow, our philosophy remains the same. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience through the buying process, product use and customer service. As we continue to develop new products, our customers should feel assured that our designs have their needs in mind + that all details (big or small) have been closely monitored and considered every step of the way.

Name Inspiration

Devon + Lang is the union of Tyler’s youngest daughter’s name, Devonnae, and his Grandfather’s surname, Lang. Beyond the fact that these are two very special people to Tyler, there is a generational story that Devon + Lang wants to tell through their apparel. By looking at apparel from the past, Devon + Lang recognizes that garments ought to be made to last. Combining that with modern styles, sustainable fabrics, and eco-friendly packaging, Devon + Lang’s intention is to provide wearable basics that will stand the test of time + lessen the need to replace well-used items regularly.

The McCombs Family


How We Stand Out

At Devon + Lang, we are not here to just follow trends. We want to do more than just make garments that look nice. Our vision is to create incredible apparel with a purpose. To perform better than what is currently out there and continue innovating on + improving what we make. We thrive on providing products that our customers will love wearing + timeless styles that fit all lifestyles.


Photo: @jl.maclane
 Journey Boxers: Tidal (left), GoodVibes (right) + Tropics (on model)

We also want to create a seamless and enjoyable buying experience and install confidence in our customers who purchase from us. This is why we have a Try On Guarantee. We believe that we are making the best products out there, and if you buy from us. It is not the right size, or if you have any issues with the product, you just need to reach out, + we will either send you a different size or issue you a refund without you needing to return the product.

We believe these processes create a worry-free buying experience that is hard to beat, + it is one that we can talk about proudly.


The Journey Continues...

Devon + Lang recently moved into a new + larger warehouse! The overwhelming amount of support we have received the past year has allowed us to continue to grow + create new and innovative products. As we introduce new apparel, Devon + Lang will continue to establish ourselves as a worldwide brand.



We are working on some really exciting projects + cannot wait to share them with you! Here is a couple of sneak peeks of what to look forward to:

WOMEN’S LINE: Our next big venture will be creating and launching a women’s line of undergarments! Devon + Lang is so excited to get this process started + provide our female customers with a product they will fall in love with. We are working hard to make this line a reality! 



If you would like to be a part of this process please fill out this survey here. 


D+L SOCKS: For the past year, we have been working on an athletic ankle sock. Our socks offer just the right amount of compression to support your foot without being tight - it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. The padded soles provide just enough cushion for those long evening walks or intense cardio workouts! We are finalizing all the details for these socks and are looking forward to launching them this summer!


NEW PATTERNS: We are thrilled to be launching more boxer patterns very soon for our Journey Boxers and Hustle Boxers! Stay tuned to our social media + sign up for our newsletters to be the first to know when these new colours + patterns will be available!



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