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MR. NICE SOCKS | The warm & fuzzy side

I think we can all agree that slipping on a fresh new pair of socks is a top 5 feeling.


I think we can all agree that slipping on a fresh new pair of socks is a top 5 feeling. Now imagine knowing that those stylish new socks you’ve just purchased means that 2 more pairs of socks will be donated to people in need. Now that is what we call spreading the love!

1 + U = 2!

This is the premise behind Mr. Nice Socks (MNS). For each pair of MNS socks purchased, TWO pairs of socks are donated! Since their start in 2016, Mr. Nice Socks has donated 50,000 pairs of socks and 100 care kits containing essential hygiene products have been donated to charities throughout Western Canada.

Here’s what we love about MNS:

Their hearts are in the right place.

Husband and wife team, Mo Habib and Sumira Duggal started the #SocksForSocks initiative out of Edmonton in 2016 as a way to give back to their community. At the time, Canadian oil and gas was taking a plunge leaving many of their friends and neighbours down and out. They called multiple charities and organizations, and what they heard time and time again was that these organizations needed socks! Some organizations were going through as many as 240 pairs of socks a day. It was then that Mr. Nice Socks was established and they’ve been going strong ever since. 

Everyone is welcome to join in.

Aviation Sensation

There are so many cool ways that Mr. Nice Socks is giving back. Sock donations have gone to numerous organizations such as The Mustard Seed, The Camrose Open Door Association, and The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre to name a few. 

Did you know that your organization can design custom socks and then pick where the sock donations will go? Your company can even show up and do the donation drop yourself. How cool is that.

Recently, the Leduc Minor Hockey Association created custom socks for their Roughnecks team and chose the Leduc Hub Association to be the recipient of their sock donations. The result? Over 500 pairs of socks were dropped by the Leduc Roughnecks hockey players to the Leduc Hub!

They do it right every step of the way.

In the words of Mo Habib, “Everything has to be done properly from beginning to end.” Ethical manufacturing and quality are extremely important to Mr. Nice Socks. We love the story of how they picked their manufacturer. Mo and Samira had researched manufacturers with ethical certifications, narrowed down the list to a few and then asked for sample socks. In testing these socks, Mo ran around his home and backyard and tried to truly destroy each pair. The first pair they received lasted the longest and they are still using that awesome manufacturer today!

Every sock has a story.

El Goeffe

Have you ever wondered what the inspiration was behind a cool pattern or design? We got the low-down on a few of the MNS sock designs. You know the El Geoffe? Those are named after Mo’s brother-in-law, a handy dude who likes his socks plain white or black. Mo and Sumira would always give him colourful socks as a gift… so naturally he inspired the bright pink socks with hammers on them. 

The Aviation Sensation? The green ones with paper airplanes? Those were inspired by Mo’s niece. Mo taught her how to make a paper airplane one day and it stuck. Now she’s a paper airplane making machine!

They get people involved. 

“People want to do good. If you provide them a means to do it, they’ll do it.” – Mo Habib, Mr. Nice Socks

It doesn’t stop here. Mo and Sumira are committed to helping Canadians in need and are brainstorming more ways to amplify their impact. Is there a future collaboration in store with OKE? *cough* stay tuned *cough*

From all of us at OKE, thank you Mr. Nice Socks for all the good you do! 


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