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Local Laundry | #CommunityOverCovid

Everywhere we turn we are being told to “isolate”, “social distance”, and “quarantine”… all terms that encourage us to be “apart”.

Everywhere we turn we are being told to “isolate”, “social distance”, and “quarantine”… all terms that encourage us to be “apart”.  All the while, companies like Local Laundry are reminding us that we are all in this together.

Most commonly known for their design of the distinctive YYC Collection, Local Laundry has specially designed a Healthcare Hoodie in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of the profits from this bamboo cotton zip-up hoodie will be donated towards the Calgary Community Response Fund for COVID-19 and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region COVID-19 Relief. In the words of Connor Curran, Co-Owner of Local Laundry, “just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you can’t create a big impact,” and guess what… through pre-sales alone they’ve already raised over $10,000!

Here’s what we love about Local Laundry:

Building Community is in the Company DNA.
Local Laundry was founded in 2015 as a way to use clothing to bring people together while creating a positive impact on the community. What started as a line of t-shirts for each of Calgary’s communities has grown into a clothing brand that you can find in stores across Canada. There’s something about finding that common link that builds community. “Where did you grow up? Calgary? No way… me too!”

Local Laundry Founder Connor Curran

They Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is.
Every month 10% of Local Laundry’s profits are donated to a local charity nominated by their customers. The impact on the community? Over $40,000 donated and hundreds of collaborations with community builders, including collaborations with Andrew Phung & Loose Moose Theatre, the Calgary Hitmen & D.I.T.R.O., and Wild Rose Brewery & Yama Vans to name a few!

During one of the record breaking cold snaps in Calgary, the Local Laundry Gang reached out to Calgary homeless shelters to find that there were consistently 5 items that were in high demand and low supply: socks, toques, towels, underwear and mittens. That year Local Laundry collected over 2,000 towels and donated them to six different local charities. However, they wanted a better, more sustainable way to help the shelters in their community, which is what spawned Local Laundry’s line of Giving Garment. For every towel purchased from Local Laundry, they will donate a towel to a homeless shelter across Canada.

The Healthcare Organic Bamboo Zip-Up Hoodie

Sharing is Caring.
At the heart of communities are local entrepreneurs. Connor and Dustin, co-owners of Local Laundry, want to see other businesses start-up, grow and thrive so they host a Start-up & Beers event every three months to connect with other small business owners. Starting a business can be a lonely and difficult endeavour, but there is power in a network of like-minded individuals who have had or are experiencing similar challenges.

A recent Startup and Beers event at Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Made in Canada and Proud of it.
Everything made by Local Laundry is Made in Canada to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs, and a diversified Canadian economy. How awesome is that!

The Fun Don’t Stop.
The Local Laundry Gang is always finding amazing ways to give back and make an impact. We can not wait to see how they continue to grow in the future.

From all of us at OKE, thank you Local Laundry! We are grateful for all the ways you are supporting our hometown and homeland!


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