Building a Better Boxer
Through Innovation and Iteration.

Creating a great boxer doesn’t happen by accident. We worked with designers and engineers for over a year to re-invent what a pouch boxer could be. With a focus on unparalleled comfort, we combine advanced fabrics with an intuitive design that supports you, all day long.


Our patent-pending Crossover Pouch provides an unparalleled level of freedom and support. It’s folded panels conform to any body type, and the hammock-like crossover pouch cradles and separates your most valuable assets.


Stop tearing holes in your boxers! All Devon + Lang boxers come with a near-frictionless inner-thigh panel that wicks sweat away, doesn't tear, and stops chafing in it's tracks.


Never feel a seam when you wear your Devon + Lang boxers. This stitching method keeps the fabric flat while remaining extremely strong.  


It is possible to have a great pouch boxer with a fly for easy access? For our competitors, apparently not, but we made it happen. All of our boxers come with a fly to make the call of nature just a little bit easier.

Legs That Don't Ride Up

We are over having boxers ride up our legs through out the day. The 6″ inseam and semi-compression fit keep your boxers where they should be. Flat on your legs.

No Flip Band

Can a band be both strong and soft? Well, yes. Our bands are so soft on the inside that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them, and strong enough that when you finally do notice them at days end you’ll see that nothing has flipped down. Nice.

We Stand Behind Our Try On Guarantee

  1. Place an order. Whether you're purchasing a single item or multiple, you and your purchase are always covered.

  2. Once you have received your order, open one size at a time and try on the product.

  3. Not the right fit? No worries! All you have to do is contact us and we are more than happy to exchange any unopened packages + the one item that you tried on for the correct size.

  4. When contacting us, please include your 4 digit order number and the product that you are having difficulties with.

  5. We will then email you a return label (from Canada Post) and ask you to return all unopened packages. Your packages will be shipped to you with the method that was selected in your original purchase.


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