Devon + Lang

Where We Started

Devon + Lang was founded by Tyler and Dayna McCombs in 2019, but the idea for better boxers began much earlier.

During an uncomfortable walk in the Hawaiian heat, Tyler decided that he was done with buying boxers that easily ripped and chafed his legs. After searching for the perfect pair, he came up empty and decided to make a better pouch boxer than what was on the market.

After over a year of working with professional designers and engineers, Devon + Lang was born.

Where We’re Going

Just because we have made the world’s best boxer doesn’t mean that we are stopping to rest.

Devon + Lang's vision to build a better apparel through innovation and iteration means we are always working to make our products even better.

We are continuing to expand our product line and increase the options available to our customers.


Tyler McCombs


Nate De Jesus

Operations Manager

Dayna McCombs

Graphic Designer

Sandy He

Customer Service


At Devon + Lang we believe that giving is growing.

We regularly partner with inspiring companies, charities, and individuals that are making an impact in the community. You can read more about some of the amazing organizations that we work with in our blog.

Couple with OKE Boxers